Scott BoswelL - Program director

Scott Boswell is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and professor of filmmaking who has completed numerous shorts and the award-winning feature film, The Stranger in Us. Throughout his film work, Scott has explored the challenges faced by queer youth. Prior to his current job teaching at San Francisco State University, Scott ran The Factory, a multi-award winning youth video collective based in Oakland. 

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Megan Lee - VIDEO PRODUCTION intern

Megan Lee is an undergraduate at San Francisco State University pursuing a major in Cinema and minor in LGBTQ studies. Previously she worked as the Social Media Intern for the DocFilm Institute and (separately) for WarriorsWorld. She also completed a short documentary about the Oakland Strokes, a rowing team based in the East Bay.

Jude Allard - VIDEO PRODUCTION intern

Jude Allard is a nonbinary transgender student at San Francisco State University and an active member of the professional, gender-inclusive film fraternity Delta Kappa Alpha. They are majoring in Cinema for directing and screenwriting, but hope to become familiar with all areas of filmmaking. They also have experience in theatre and acting, and work at the San Francisco Dungeon on Fisherman's Wharf. Bringing real diversity to all popular media is their main passion.